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SHOW NO MERCY STUDIO is a modern highend music and multimedia-production facility founded, owned and run by me, Sascha  Beselt M.A. Some of you may know me from my main band MANDATORY or other musical projects ranging from extreme Metal and instrumental Rock over Avantgarde music to New Age/Lounge-music/Smooth Jazz.

I founded the studio in 2005 and have been constantly improving its setup over the last years. Built around a modern Pro Tools DAW, a large, vintage, analog mixing console, top class converters and state of the art APPLE technology the studio’s equipment list features some of the very best digital and analog gear money can buy including units by such big names as UNIVERSAL AUDIO, AMEK, NEVE, LEXICON, Buzz Audio, A-DESIGNS, TK AUDIO, YAMAHA, TC ELECTRONIC, TL AUDIO and AUDIENT among others for the best possible processing and shaping of the audio signal. Of course, the studio is also equipped with a load of digital computer-based tools like the studio-standard UAD-DSP-card and its world famous emulations of vintage high end analog compressors and EQs like the Fairchild 670, the 1176 limiting amplifier, the TELETRONIX LA-2A or the Cambridge and Pultec EQs. Simply put: The best the digital  world has to offer these days. Recent additions to this package included the Precision Buss Compressor for genuine highend compression on stereo signals, the Precision Multiband compressor for surgical multiband performance and the Precision Maximizer for a smooth maximizing of your audio material without affecting the dynamic range.

This studio is predestined for your next production, be it a complete recording, mixing, mastering, Podcast- and filmscore-production, sounddesign or composition on demand!

HOMEPAGE Studio Panorama
HOMEPAGE Yamaha Pult
HOMEPAGE Roland Drums
HOMEPAGE Gitarrenfront
HOMEPAGE Aufnahmeraum

Some selected equipment:

  • Hardware:
  • Yamaha PM 2000 vintage analog mixing console
  • TK-Audio BC1 MK II bus compressor
    A-Designs HM2EQ “Hammer”stereo bus/mastering equalizer
  • Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 stereo bus/mastering compressor
  • Audient Sumo summing amplifier / stereo compressor
    Universal Audio LA 610 preamp/ opt. compressor
    Universal Audio M-610 preamp (3x)
    AMEK/NEVE Purepath preamp / compressor
    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 highend reverb processor
    Lexicon MPX-1 multieffects processor
    TL Audio EQ-1 stereo valve equalizer
    Focusrite Mixmaster analog mastering channelstrip
    RME ADI 8 DS converters
    Complete UAD-DSP card bundle with additional mastering Precision series plugins
    Dbx 163 X compressor (2x)
  • Dbx 166 XL stereo compressor (2x)
  • Various Alesis and Behringer (original German-made series) FX processors, exciters, equalizers and compressors
    Genelec 8040A studio speakers
  • Monkey Banana Turbo studio speakers
    Modded Studer Revox tape machine (38 cm/s) for mastering and "warming" applications
  • Apple Powermac
  • Pro Tools DAW

  • Microphones:
    Brauner Valvet
  • Rode NTK
  • Countless of Sennheiser, Rode, Shure, Oktava microphones (MD421's, SM57's, MK319's, MK219's, MK012's, NT-5 's)

  • Musical instruments + software:
    Roland TD-12 drumkit with additional cymbals, ride and more
    Peavey and Rocktron amps, preamps and power amps
    Line 6 POD 2 XT Pro
    Sansamp PSA 1.1
    Roland JV 1080 + various expansion boards (expander)
    Roland JV 880 (expander)
    Korg TR 76 workstation
    Yamaha SY-1 (vintage analog synth)
    Yamaha YS-200 (vintage digital synth)
    Korg DW8000 (vintage digital synth)
    Korg R3 (virtual analog synth)
    Yamaha RX-15 (vintage drumcomputer)
    Korg tuners
    Customized G&L Invader
    Customized Ibanez RG760
  • Fernandes R8 “The Revival”
  • ‘85 Hoyer Rockman
  • Ibanez Roadstar II RG425
    Ibanez RG7620
  • Chery St Custom Strat
  • Cheri Custom Telecaster
  • Cheri Strat
  • Schack Unique 4string bass
    Peavey Cirrus 5string bass
    Garrison G-25 western guitar (original series)
    Various Yamaha western and classical guitars
    Custom Fern lapsteel guitar
    Celemony Melodyne
    Arturia Minimoog
    EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold
  • Steinberg Wavelab 7 mastering software

Just get in contact for a quote - I am sure you will be surprised about the low rates!

Thanks for your interest and rock on!
Sascha Beselt M.A.

Musicologist M.A., composer, lyricist, music producer, docent, author, solo artist/musician



C/O Sascha Beselt M.A.
Domweide 7
D-53881 Euskirchen



Tel.: + 49 (0) 2251 / 126 160
USt-IdNr.: DE261248780


LINKS: (Official Show No Mercy Studio MySpace) (Official SASCHA BESELT homepage) (Official SASCHA BESELT MySpace) (Official homepage for Sascha Beselt’s solo guitar project) (Official MANDATORY homepage) (Official MANDATORY MySpace)

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